Community Involvement Inn at Apple Ridge

At the Inn at Apple Ridge we are dedicated to creating a comfortable, safe, and quality home for you or a loved one. More and more seniors have started becoming involved in their community and have reported positive impact on their physical and mental health. A recent study shows that there a many benefits to getting out there and volunteering. Some of these benefits are detailed below.

  1. Enhanced Mental Health – Isolation is a leading cause of depression in older adults. Loneliness can easily turn to feelings of despair. Socializing can help seniors feel loved and needed as their lives are affirmed by both the activities they participate in and by who they may interact with. Being around other people, especially if you’re doing something fun or rewarding, helps to maintain a healthy mind state.
  2. Better Self-Esteem – Self-esteem may be in issue for those who have trouble doing as much as they once did. The more people participate in activities with others, the more they benefit. Positive interaction with friends, family or even friendly strangers can help us feel confident in ourselves and our everyday lives.
  3. Improved Physical Health – When we have good conversations or do things we love with others, our bodies take note. Our brains and bodies release chemical that help improve how we physical and how we think of ourselves. Volunteering promotes an active lifestyle. Seniors who are isolated are more likely to skip meals, whereas those who are socially active often share meals with friends and family.
  4. Accountability – No matter what our age, we are more likely to keep ourselves well if we have friends and family who hold us accountable. Seniors are more likely to develop habits of self-care if they’re around people they care for. Getting involved creates more of a reason to stay well and helps to maintain a positive state of mind.
  5. Helps Bridge the Gap – When seniors interact with younger generations, they are able to share important life lessons. Younger generations may able to teach seniors new ways of looking at life. By building these strong connections, older and younger generations are able to offer the respect and affirmation that one another need.

Becoming more involved in the community is a big confidence booster for seniors and helps to establish a better social connection. It is used as a tool not only to help others, but to help yourself. It allows you to meet all different people from different walks of life and create new friendships along the way. Seniors have reported improved social skills and a sense of happiness after volunteering. Getting involved in the community gives you that euphoria and fulfillment of helping someone or improving someone’s day. It is important that all seniors feel like they can still get out in their respective communities and make a difference.

It is important to think about why you may want to volunteer and the impact or message you choose to share. The AARP Foundation encourages you to consider helping out your community as well as yourself by getting out there and volunteering! Take that opportunity with the Inn at Apple Ridge.