family celebrating holidays

The holiday season has rolled around again! For families with loved ones who have moved to senior living communities, the holiday season may be looking a little different than usual. While the change of holiday celebrations and traditions may seem like a stressful thing, it actually opens up great new opportunities for families. This can be a time for families to eliminate some of the material focuses of the holidays, and instead focus on spending quality time with loved ones. Here are some unique ways to keep the whole family together while celebrating the holidays!

1) Plan Festive Outings or Community Events – Consider gathering your family together attending some local holiday events. Many communities hold holiday festivals or Christmas tree lightings around town. Go to local holiday shows like the Nutcracker. Gather the fam and decorate the house with lights are go Christmas tree hunting together. There are so many festive activities for you and your loved ones to participate in around your community during the holiday season.

2) Prioritize the Traditions that Will Continue – Every family has those couple traditions that have to be done. Even if you or a loved one is part of a senior living community, that doesn’t mean those traditions have to end! Whether it is baking holiday cookies, opening Christmas Eve gifts, or setting food out for Santa and his reindeer, try to think of some creative ways and unique gathering places in order to keep those traditions alive. Don’t be afraid to introduce new and fun traditions for the whole family! Here are 50 ideas to work with!

3) Rethink Gift Giving – It may to time to rethink the way your family gives gifts during the holiday season. Instead of getting multiple gifts for each person, participate in fun gift giving activities like White Elephant or Secret Santa. Facilitating activities like this will put a fun twist on gift giving and will enable the whole family to focus on spending quality time together instead of focusing so much on what gifts to buy and what gifts you receive.

4) Value the Presence of Family – Focus on the value of family and their presence during the holiday season! It is important to realize that with loved ones who may be in senior living communities, the holiday season may be less about ‘doing’ and more about just spending quality time together. Fun things like watching movies, playing board games, or making a big holiday dinner are great ways to get the whole family involved.

5) Participate in Senior Community Events – Keep in mind that your senior loved one’s living community most likely has events and activities planned throughout the holiday season! It will mean so much to your loved one if the family came to visit. This can be a great way for you and your loved ones to make new friends and become more familiar with senior living. Check out our Activity Calendar here, and have a very merry holiday season!